Kings of Air Contest Movie: This Is Why The Ghetto Games’ 3 Hour Long Dunk Contest Is The Most Insane Ever

The Women. The Dogs. The Bikes. The Cars. The Crowd! The Dunks! The crowd of 3,500 reacting to the dunks!  The President? We have been calling the Ghetto Games’ over-the-top dunk contests/events “The Most Insane Dunk Contest In The World” for years and if this beautifully made mini-movie about the recent 3 hours long 2015 Sprite Kings of Air event doesn’t make you agree then I don’t know what will.

I almost bought a ticket to Latvia after watching this and hearing contest winner Jordan Kilganon say it wasn’t just the greatest dunk contest he’s ever done but it’s the greatest event he’s ever been to and the greatest day of his life.

A bonus shout out goes out to the producers of the film for making the Matrix effect actually look cool again. If you are wondering how they recreated the effect, they used 25 GoPro4 cameras to pull it off.