Kings Practice: Tyreke Evans Can’t Miss A 3 & JJ Hickson Dunking

I’m sure you see people everyday shooting around in an empty gym and after making 2 or 3 shots in a row they start blabbering about how they can out shoot specific NBA players.  In most cases, that person couldn’t beat Shaq in a free throw contest in a empty gym.  I’ve personally seen Shaq hit 10 to 20 free throws in a row before games.  I remember watching Taj Gibson hit five 3 pointers in a row before moving to another spot.  I lost a lunch bet to Robert Horry on a 1 shot to win bet because he hit nothing but net from the 3 point line while wearing jeans and a polo shirt.  The horse i’m beating to death is most pro players can literally shoot all day and rarely miss shots in an open gym.

This video of Tyreke Evans at the Kings practice is more proof as Evans casually hits 10 of 12 3 pointers

Here’s another video from KingsFix showing JJ Hickson do what he does best – dunk!


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