Wait! Did Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend Hannah Stocking Call Him Out For Cheating?

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Klay Thompson

It was November 2nd of 2014 when I made a post called “5 Reasons You Should Be Jealous of Klay Thompson” and introduced the beautiful Hannah Stocking to most of the basketball world.  Besides dating Thompson, Hannah is mostly known for her modeling pics on Instagram and funny videos on Vine.

On October 12th of 2015, it seems there’s one less reason to be jealous of Klay (make that 5 again because he now has a NBA Champion) because it seems as if  the 23 year old model is dumping Klay after she posted, then deleted, these tweets about catching Klay more off guard than the Cavs did in the finals.


Many of you might be thinking how is Klay going to rebound (no pun intended) from this….well, he seems perfectly fine about the situation.


And because the world is so cruel and unfair, I’m pretty sure Klay will find another “dime” (again, no pun intended) that will make me update my 5 reasons to be jealous of list to 6 or 7 or you get the point.

I’m also sure Hannah wont have a hard time finding another man and I would bet a million dollars there’s a million texts and dms in her inbox from guys wanting to be that man.
Source: DimeBusted Coverage