Klay Thompson Takes A Jab At His Dad, “We Were Better Than The Showtime Lakers”

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Here’s a perfect example of how people will take a quote out of context and run with a tweet or headline on social media without knowing why the comment was made.

After the game 2 whooping on the Cavs, Draymond was asked if he thought the Warriors were one of the best teams of all-time.

“No, we’ve got two more wins before you can even consider saying that,” Green responded. “I don’t really look at are you the best team of all time, are we the best team of all time? Because I think it’s all subjective. To say we’re better than the Showtime Lakers, how can you say that? We never played them.”

Klay then interrupted by jokingly saying, “We were better than the Showtime Lakers.”

The media room erupts in laughter.

What makes that statement so funny is Klay’s dad, former #1 pick Mychal Thompson, was a member of the great Showtime Lakers between 1987-1991. With the Lakers, Thompson won 2 championships in 3 trips to the finals and the 86/87 Lakers is often considered one of the best, if not the best, team of all-time.