Knicks 8th Pick Frank Ntilikina Leaves Practice With Injured Knee & A Misspelled Name On His Jersey

The Knicks finally got rid of Phil Jackson. That's great news! Now the franchise can return to when the Garden was Eden in the 70s or even the contending Ewing days of the 90s! Right?

The cursed franchise has a big mess of mistakes to clean up before they can even think about glory days. And one of those possible mistakes came just days ago during the NBA Draft, when they passed on Malik Monk and selected fairly unknown french baller Frank Ntilikina with the 8th pick. The reason why the 18-year old was selected was because he supposedly was a "good fit" for the triangle offense. Now that the Zen Master is gone, it makes the selection of Frank sound worse than most people trying to pronounce Ntilikina (FYI, it's pronounced Nee-lee-kee-na).

As soon as I was thinking I might be being too hard on the Knicks and Frank (I'm just calling him Frank from now on), I see a picture of Frank in practice wearing a jersey with his name misspelled.

If that wasn't bad enough, he reportedly had to leave his first practice with a bag of ice on his knee after just five minutes.

"Bumped knee. Sore knee. Nothing crazy but we played a lot of games in France - more than college games - I was just pretty tired and this happened," Frank said.

The injury apparently happened during his last French game -- a title game that took place a day after the draft -- and not in practice. So that means the Knicks passed on Monk to draft an unknown 18-year old who injured himself a day after the draft; Don't the Knicks remember what happened the last time they drafted a French guy?

Don't take the French jokes too seriously because I'm a Tony Parker fan, I own his rap album and have a few pics of his ex-wife, Eva Longoria, on my computer. As for anybody offended by jokes about the Knicks, get over it because you have  much bigger problems to worry about.