Kobe Bryant 12 points, 13 assists & 10 turnovers vs the Pistons

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Kobe Bryant

After going scoreless in the first half, the NBA league leader in scoring scored all 12 of his points in a row in the 3rd quarter.

“I was tired,” Bryant said. “The first half, I missed a couple of easy ones. The rhythm of the game really wasn’t there.

“(In the second half) I made a couple shots and stepped on the gas. It was a critical juncture where we could stretch the game out, and we were able to do that.”

Although the 12 is 15 below Kobe’s scoring average he did pump up his assist average with 13.  He also had 10 turnovers but his teammates are going to have to take the blame on a lot of those.

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)