Kobe Bryant Catches Fire in 3rd Quarter, Scores 28 in 29 Minutes Vs The Nuggets

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Kobe Bryant

After taking 2 games off last week with a sore shoulder, Kobe followed up a 20 and 17 point performance with 28 in just 29 minutes vs the Nuggets on Friday night. 11 of those 28 came in the 3rd quarter, where Bryant connected on 3 3-pointers.

“I got nervous in the third quarter because with Kobe, anything is possible,” Denver coach Mike Malone said. “This game will miss him. He’s one of those generational players that come along once every 25, 30 years.”

The crowd also appreciated the losing effort by Bryant and gave him a standing ovation when he check out with a little less than 2 minutes in the game.

FINAL STATS: 28 pts, 4 rebs (10-22 fg, 4-9 3pt, 4-5 ft)