Kobe’s face said it all in 36 point loss to the Clippers

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Kobe Bryant


Kobe’s face near the end of one of the worst losses in Lakers history said it all on Friday night.

The Lakers were only down by nine before Blake Griffin posterized Chris Kaman in the opening quarter but by the time the quarter was done, the Clippers had an 18-point lead after scoring 43 points.

The nine-turnover quarter was bad for the Lakers but the 3rd quarter was even worse as they only hit 2-of-20 shots, went scoreless for a six minute stretch and were outscored 31-8.

In the 4th quarter, with the Lakers down by as many as 41, the TV cameras kept switching over to Kobe Bryant to see what type of pain was on his face as he helplessly watched his team suffer the worst loss ever to the Clippers. The face said it all about the game and the season.

After the game, Kendall Marshall said “I don’t think there was one positive thing we can take from that game.” but the sad thing is the D-league call up is the only positive thing to talk about with the Lakers right now.  LinsanityLite had another impressive game with 16 points, 10 assists and some hot shooting from downtown but when you are down by 30+ points no positive performance is that fun to watch.  Just look at these guys!



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