Kobe Bryant goes for 28/7/6/4 in loss to the Grizzlies | Sets NBA record for most missed field goals

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Kobe Bryant

Another day, another NBA record for Kobe, another big game by Kobe, another loss for Kobe and the Lakers.

While PaperMag & Kim Kardashian were “breaking the internet” (NSFW) last night, Kobe was on his way to breaking the NBA record for most missed shots in a career. Bryant scored 28 points (missing 16 shots), grabbed 7 rebounds, dished out 6 assists and came away with 4 steals in a 5 point loss to the 7 and 1 Grizzlies. The loss puts the Lakers record at 1-6 and 0-3 on the road.

On a positive note, he did have this nice behind-the-back move highlight.

Which reminded me of this play back when Kobe’s missed shots total was still under a thousand.