Kobe Bryant Got A Long Hug and Smile From Gregg Popovich

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Kobe Bryant

For the first few minutes of Friday’s game between the Lakers and Spurs, Kobe was playing like it was a WCF game.  He hit his first 4 shots and finished with 9 points in the first quarter. He only made one more field goal throughout the game but that didn’t keep the San Antonio crowd from cheering for the man who took a couple of rings from the franchise.

“They force us to be our absolute best whenever we’ve played against them,” Bryant said about the Spurs. “We are constantly thinking about them throughout the course of the year and always looking at what they’re doing and how they’re playing. We’ve had some epic battles.”

At the end of the 22 point loss, Kobe and Gregg Popovich embraced, shared a few words, a long hug and even a smile!

“I love Pop,” Bryant said. “Words can’t describe the amount of respect I have for him. Every chance I get, I always sit next to him and bend his ear.”

Pop loves Kobe too, he just didn’t care for him on nights like this…

Or this…

And of course on nights like this…