Kobe Bryant with Kanye West at Open Gym Premier

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Kobe Bryant

  • Kanye West once ranted for 12 minutes about Jordan during a concert? True.
  • Kanye West played basketball in a gym full of 70+ year old women in Australia earlier this month? True.
  • Kanye West, after “wheelchair-gate,” scored 106 points against a team full of middle school kids in wheelchairs? FALSE
  • Kanye West played Kobe Bryant yesterday in Orange County at the Open Gym Premier ? FALSE
  • Kanye West was with Kobe Bryant a few weeks ago in Orange County at the Open Gym Premier ? TRUE

Kanye, a client of the Kobe System and “the Boss” in Robert Rodriguez’ “Black Mamba” video, met up with Bryant at one of our favorite gyms a few weeks ago (not yesterday or today like many sports sites are saying). Kanye was dressed in camouflage and Kobe was wearing his awesome “Ringsssss” t-shirt but our favorite shirt in the pic above is the Open Gym one – you can probably guess why.


Back to the crazy true/false questions about Kanye. Yes the rumor of him scoring 106 was false but did you know Kobe once scored 68 points in 15 minutes? True, in 2012, Kobe Bryant played 15 minutes in an exhibition game in China and finished with a ridiculous 68.

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