Kobe Bryant Says “I’m Still An A$$hole” When Asked About Not Getting Any Techs This Season

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9 games. For someone who has been following Kobe since he dominated the NBA summer league in 1996 at the age of 17, it feels odd saying there’s just 9 more games left in Kobe’s NBA career. The good news is, according to Kobe after Sunday’s loss to the Wizards, he said he is going to try to play in all 9 of those games.  And he will probably end the season without a tech – the last time he accomplished that (excluding his 6 game season in 2013/14) was back in the 98/99 season. But don’t think his tech-less season means he’s not same old Kobe who used to be good for 13-16 techs a season.

“I’m still an asshole,” said Kobe when asked about not getting any techs. “It doesn’t change, it just evolves.”

Other great moments from the very amusing postgame interview included Kobe talking about how nice Shaq was and not so nice Penny Hardaway was when Kobe, at the age of 15, got to meet the two Orlando superstars (this story is talked about in depth in Shaq’s last biography).  There’s also a great part about Kobe talking about “passing torches” and how he had to “earn” the torch from MJ and why nobody on the Lakers roster deserves it from him.