Kobe Bryant Scores 35 in Final Duel With James Harden (40, while wearing Kobe Adidas Shoes)

After James Harden dropped 40 points and 13 assists in his last duel and win against Kobe Bryant, while wearing a pair of Kobe Adidas Crazy 1 sneakers, he had a big favor to ask of Bryant.

“On a side note I just told him: `We need y’all to beat Utah,” Harden said referring to Kobe’s last game, which is against the Jazz, a team that is 1 game ahead of the Rockets for the final playoff spot in the West. “We just need some help.”

Bryant confirmed Harden’s request with a laugh and a joke.

“He did. He did,” Said Bryant, who scored 35 points in just 27 minutes against Harden, former teammates Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza and in front of one of his best trainers, Hakeem Olajuwon. “I said `Well they beat us by 40 the last two times we played them, so third time’s the charm.”