Kobe Bryant Thinks Damian Lillard Is An All-Star & It’s Not Even Debatable

Around a year ago this time, DeMarcus Cousins was selected to replace an injured Kobe Bryant on the 2015 All-Star team. ¬†Lillard took to instagram to explain his disappointment and why he felt so “disrespected.” A week later, Dame was finally named to the team as a replacement for the injured Blake Griffin.

Here we are in 2016, and again, waiting to see if Lillard will be disrespected and left off the reserves. One player who has nothing but respect for Lillard is Kobe Bryant.  After Lillard scored 36 points in 3 quarters in a Blazers win over the Lakers, Kobe raved about him and seemed insulted when asked if he thought Dame was an All-Star.

“Why’s that even a question.” replied Kobe.

It’s no surprise Kobe would feel this way considering Lillard has had some great performances against Kobe and the Lakers over the years, going all the way back to Lillard’s rookie season when he scored 38 against the Lakers.