Kobe Bryant vs Kevin Durant Duel, Was Kobe Fouled At The End?

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We all understand superstars get superstars calls and Kobe Bryant is the superstar of superstars in this league. And considering these are his final games, you would think a ref would be quick to blow a whistle on any defender touching Kobe in the final seconds of the game.  That wasn’t the case on Friday when superstar Kevin Durant might have got away with a foul on Bryant (5:52 mark of video) with 3.2 seconds left in a 2 point game.

“It’s not a matter of opinion,” Bryant said. “You watch the play, and he hit me on the forearm right at the end of my release, which is why the ball went short. It is what it is, but it’s basketball.”

Or maybe it was a little revenge from the refs for this play.

Obviously i’m kidding!

Bryant finished the game with 19 points (8 of 20 shooting) and 6 assists, including this pretty nutmeg on Durant.