Kobe Bryant wears "Ringsssss" shirt at Training Camp

So how many rings does Kobe have again? Just take a look at the shirt he wore during training camp for the answer.

While wearing the shirt with 5 instances of the letter S, he talked with Sage Steele about another word which starts with R: Rage!

"I’ve always played with a certain amount of rage. We do have a chip on our shoulder, we feel we have a lot to prove, most of it is to ourselves. We all come into situations where teams might feel we’re not good enough or that we have been forgotten about.”

If you want to buy one these shirts, you can purchase one for $30 at Footlocker. I'm waiting for the version that says "Ringzzzzz" because that is how everybody on Twitter writes it.


But I have a feeling I might have to go to the Flea Market to get one with the Twitter hashtag. Then I can put it in my closet next to this shirt.


But don't think that Brandon doesn't have a lot of respect for Kobe.  Check out these recent tweets by Jennings calling the Snake the Goat.


Source: Hooped Up

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