Kobe Bryant Shoots 1 for 11 in 48 Point Loss To Utah, Worst Loss Of His Career

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When you think of worst Kobe Bryant performances ever, you will probably flashback to May 12th of 1997 when an 18 year old Kobe shot 4 airballs vs the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.  On Monday night, almost 19 years after his historic airballs, 10 years after he scored 52 points in 3 quarters, 7 years after he destroyed them in the 2009 playoffs and with only 8 games left in his NBA career, Kobe shot 1 for 11 in a 48 point loss to the Jazz – the worst loss of his career.

“We’ve got 15 wins in the season?” Bryant asked after the 123-75 loss. “I mean, losing by 48 and winning 15 games in the season – it’s not like it’s something new for us. We’ve been getting drug all season.”

Despite only scoring 5 points, Kobe did receive some praise from Coach Scott for attempting to play defense on red-hot Rodney Hood, who scored 30 points on 11 of 13 shooting with 8 3-pointers.

“Kobe wanted to take on the challenge,” Scott said. “It’s a damn shame our oldest player has to take the challenge. It says a lot about him, obviously. It’s what he has done all his life, but nobody else wanted to step up and take that challenge.

“That’s a shame that the oldest guy on our team that is leaving this league in eight games was the one that kind of had to shut him down.”

Almost as shameful as these Kobe fans smelling Kobe’s arm sleeve.