Kobe Bryant’s High School Point Guard Hilariously Interviews Kobe After Philly Game

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Kobe Bryant has played with some talented point guards in his career – from Derek Fisher to Brian Shaw to 2 x MVP Steve Nash – but the greatest point guard he ever had was hands down the Evster! Wait. Who?

After Kobe’s homecoming game in Philly this week, Kobe Bryant was surprised by his former high school point guard, the very funny Evan Monsky, during the post game conference. Monsky asked Kobe who the best point guard is he ever played with and Kobe jokingly said Monsky was the best with Nash in a close second.  Monsky replied that was the correct answer and his mother agrees. Kobe then brought up Monsky’s ability to make fancy no-look passes even with a cast on.

Earlier in the day Monsky also interviewed a few of Kobe’s teammates and asked them if Kobe ever talked about his high school point guard.  Most of the Lakers instantly figured out he was that point guard and erupted in laughter.

During the game, he also talked with a few of Kobe’s other high school teammates and joked about the questions they have been answering for the past 20 years. Considering Monsky was the point guard, he gets the most since most people assumed he had the easiest job on the court: just give the ball to Kobe.

The funniest moment during his interview with the high school center at the time was when the center said Kobe has never returned his Orlando Magic shorts. So, that means Kobe was wearing Orlando Magic shorts when Shaquille O’Neal was with the Magic – cool!


Here’s an excerpt from a 1995 article about Lower Merion.

Evan Monsky is the trigger man in the Evan Monsky-Kobe Bryant slam-dunk connection, but the Lower Merion point guard downplays his role.

“Sometimes I’ll throw a lousy pass up there and he goes up and gets it,” Monsky said after the Aces drubbed Conestoga, 75-47, yesterday in a Central League boys’ basketball game.

Bryant scored 26 points yesterday to lead the Aces (16-1 overall, 12-0 league) to yet another easy Central victory. But the 6-6 junior, who shot 12 for 14 from the field, was not alone. Monsky had seven assists and Griffin grabbed a team-high 13 rebounds as the Aces remained unbeaten in league competition.

Monsky, a 5-10 senior, runs the point with poise and precision. He stands out when he passes to Bryant on alley-oop plays, as he did twice yesterday, but his importance to the Aces is greater than that.

“His assist-turnover ratio has improved dramatically,” Downer said. “He really distributes the ball.”

I bet you are going to watch the following video looking for Monsky.


As the childhood friend – during the time Shaq was in Orlando – of a popular comedian who now lives in LA and has made numerous jokes about Kobe during his early stand-up days, I know a little about how Kobe’s former teammates feel. When I mention I grew up with this comedian, people will usually ask me “how funny and/or crazy was he as a kid” and “would he still recognize you if you saw him today.”  The answer is “very” and “yes.”

Speaking of that comedian and the topic of retirement, here’s a funny outlook on athletes never retiring.

A joke about white ball players and players going to the NBA straight out of high school.