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If you missed the premiere of the must-see Kobe documentary called "Kobe Bryant's Muse" on Showtime last night, then you can watch the full movie here.

What many of you might not know is the finished cut you will see is nothing like the original vision of the film made by Gotham Chopra.  Kobe was shown a rough cut of the film about 7 months ago, which featured dozens of interviews by other people, and he thought it would be better if they went the 1 man voice route like the Tyson documentary that Melo produced a few years ago.

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“I saw it, and I said we can do something different,” Bryant said at the exclusive screening. “Let’s create something impactful, let’s create something that’s different.”

Showtime President David Nevins described the first version, as a “beautiful film, gorgeously shot,” but in the end, the air date was pushed out and Bryant embarked on another challenge.

And so, the hours of interview footage were scrapped and instead, the subject also became the narrator, the creator and the executive producer. Bryant moved the filming crew down to Newport Beach, despite initial hesitation from director Gotham Chopra and the entirety of the crew based out of Los Angeles (though their reluctance quickly shifted when the mention of renting a Newport Beach beach house entered the conversation). Bryant wanted to be involved in every aspect of making the documentary, and saw this as the only way to do it. As Chopra would put it, this was when the film transitioned from a “film on Kobe” to “a film with Kobe.”

The final powerful product was different and much (much, much) better than the standard cliche' sports documentary including the one Spike Lee did a few years ago on Kobe called "Doin' Work." Considering the title and subject matter of that film, if that was called "Doin' Work" then an appropriate title for this one would be "Doin' Life."



Directed by: Gotham Chopra
Written by: Jacob Colman
Duration: 83 mins
Rating: TVMA