Kobe Bryant’s “My Friends Place” journey to help end homelessness

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Kobe Bryant

As a partner with the Houston Homeless Coalition, I was glad to see this from Kobe Bryant.  If you are interested in helping Kobe fight against homelessness then go to Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation

From Kobe’s Facebook

My family philanthropy supports a local organization who is fighting homelessness called My Friends Place. I first went there a year ago to begin my journey. Last night, to better understand the issue, I spent a night learning more about homelessness at the LA Mission from those who have been affected first hand.

The number one message I carry from them is that of love, compassion and faith. With “great power comes great responsibility”. We all have the POWER to affect change in the lives of others. To live life with our heads under water afraid to see the swells crashing above us, is not LIVING. Living is inspiring others to live. Living is helping others find their way. Living is spotlighting those who have been sleeping in dark corners for so long that society has become blind to their invisibility.


Thank you LA Mission for Welcoming me into your home. I learned a ton and am looking forward to learning more and helping you in the fight to end homelessness.

Fans, you can join me in learning and fighting for others too: Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation.

God Bless
Mamba out..

If you are interested in helping out


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