Kobe Bryant’s Top 20 Plays on Dwyane Wade…20 on LeBron Too

This isn’t a who’s better argument post. It’s not a post that will make you think any differently when discussing the greatness of Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade or LeBron James. This is simply just a post for Kobe Bryant fans to enjoy…because they know Kobe was better than Wade and LeBron and if you think differently then YOU ARE WRONG! I’m kidding about the “you are wrong” part (pertaining to LeBron) but good luck convincing a Kobe Stan the Black Mamba is not a better player than LeBron, better shooting guard than Michael or better Laker than Magic Johnson or Kareem.

Anyways, enjoy this Top 20 video on Dwyane Wade and the following Top 20 video on Wade’s former (future again?) teammate.