Kobe Bryant & Floyd Mayweather Hanging Out | Kobe on NBA rules “you can’t even touch a motherf**er”

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Kobe Bryant

What a great video of two of the most successful athletes in the world.  I’m not just talking about the success they have had on their courts and in their rings, I’m mainly referencing the amount of money Kobe and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr have made.  Floyd is expected to make over $90 million this year which makes him the highest paid athlete of 2013.  With almost $28 million in salary and $19 million in endorsements, Kobe sits at the #4 spot according to SI’s Fortunate 50.

In this get together after a preseason game at the MGM Grand, the two long time friends talked about a range of topics including travelling to China which brought up the infamous Georgetown scuffle from a couple years ago and how much more physical the game is over there.

“You know what? They let you play over there too. It’s more physical over there. They let you play. Out here, they change the rules up and shit, you can’t even touch a motherfucker you know.”

We also need to give a big shout out to Floyd for posting our Isaiah Thomas video yesterday on Twitter.


Source: Ball Over All

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