Kobe Gets Roasted By Michael B. Jordan in New Apple Ad ‘Father Time’

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Kobe Bryant

Who better to play a young Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia than Michael B. Jordan, who was great playing the son of Apollo Creed in last year’s Rocky sequel and Philly homage ‘Creed.”

On Sunday, while Kobe was dropping 35 in his 3rd to last NBA game, Apple dropped a funny new ad called ‘Father Time.’ The ad features Jordan as a young Kobe discussing his motivation with the soon to be retired Kobe. After a few roast worthy lines and a Benjamin Button reference, he gets kicked out by the “cold blooded assassin locked in a battle with father time.”

In case you were wondering if Jordan had any game, here’s Jordan also has some game – check out this clip from a couple of years ago. It’s not Michael “Air” Jordan but it’s still pretty impressive.