Kobe Goes for 31/7/8 in “The Mask”

I’ve never seen so much hoopla over a player wearing a mask before.  LeBron has done it.  Wilt has done it…tens of thousands of times.  Rip Hamilton’s mask has become part of him but when the Black Mamba wears one pics of him wearing the mast goes viral.  You would of swore he was wearing a Jeremy Lin mask from the type of buzz it generated.   Maybe if it was a cool mask like Hannibal Lectar or even MF Doom but not just some clear plastic looking thing.

Back to the hardwood, Kobe did put up some typical pre concussion/Wade WTF foul Kobe stats with 31, 7 & 8 against the Loveless Twolves.  Check the highlights and a few random entertaining pics.


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