Kobe Bryant & Messi’s new Turkish Airlines commercial “The Selfie Shootout”

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Back in October we showed a picture of Kobe Bryant petting a caged lion and yesterday we found out why he was doing that when Turkish Airlines released a new commercial with their two megastar endorsers, Kobe & soccer player Lionel Messi, called “The Selfie Shootout.”  The full 1 minute ad shows Kobe taking “selfies” as he travels all around the world and appears everywhere except for on the court at Staples in his Lakers uniform – that hopefully happens this Friday.

Turkish Airlines original ad with Kobe & Messi called “Legends on Board” was an instant viral sensation with over 20 million views in it’s first week and currently has over 100 million views.  With that type of success, you would think everybody would be happy but Kobe’s 2 year deal (no not the one he just signed that angered lots of Lakers fans) with Turkish Airlines angered a bunch of Armenian Americans who threatened to boycott Kobe and the Lakers if Kobe didn’t back out of his contract.  Obviously Kobe and Turkish Airlines didn’t care about the threats since here we are, a year later, with another great commercial.

As entertaining as “selfie shootouts” are, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this….

and less of this….


although it was amusing to see the often serious Kobe show his silly side which we haven’t seen since….

But I was more entertained yesterday when I saw this…




KobeMessiIG (1)

Infographic via Mashable 


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