Kobe Offered 1million to play 1 game!?!

Players in this post:
Kobe Bryant

Claudio Sabatini’s desire to have Kobe in a Bologna uniform reminds me of the equally insane storyline to the film Indecent Proposal when Robert Redford wants to pay a million dollars for a night with Demi Moore.

It seems like Virtus Bologna is so desperate to sign Kobe that they are coming out with new proposals every other day.  The latest rumor is they made two offers and one of them is a 1-game contract for $1 million dollars (in Dr Evil voice). That’s half a mil by half-time. $250k a quarter. That’s probably $1k per dribble.

In Kobe’s senior year, he was voted “Most likely to Succeed” and it looks like they couldn’t have been more right.  Now the other girl in the pic?




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