Kobe shoots a 40 foot airball, misses 16 shots in 34 point loss vs Mavs

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Kobe Bryant

6 of 22 shooting. 40 foot airball. 140 points. 42-24 3rd quarter. 34 point loss.  Stat freaks could have a lot of fun playing with the numbers in the Mavs 140-106 win but I don’t think any Kobe or Lakers’ fans want to hear about the highest point total by the Mavs in 5 years.

“They blitzkrieg-ed us there.” said Bryant who missed his first 8 shots of the game and finished with 17 points and a team-high 7 assists.

“People had good shots.” said Parsons. “If someone had a better shot, we moved the ball.”

Good shots as in they didn’t attempt 40 foot shots with 6 seconds left on the shot clock?