Kobe statue with a black mamba biting his achilles + more great art at Conscious 3 Exhibit

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Kobe Bryant


As expected, a lot of beautiful and pretty abstract art were on display at the Conscious 3 Basketball Art Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan this past weekend.  Paintings, digital work, magazines, but nothing stood out more to me than a Kobe statue with a Black Mamba biting his Achilles….well, actually the Jeremy Lin corner with a statue of Kobe’s new teammate made me stare a little longer.


Back to the Black Mamba biting the Black Mamba statue, here’s some additional info on the piece via Lakers Nation

Measuring 68 x 50 x 50 cm and made of FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastics), it features Kobe raising a basketball high in the air with a giant Black Mamba wrapped around — the head of the snake biting the Achilles. The figure has been in Santa Monica as part of an exhibiton before, appropiately named “Achilles” and designed by Roger Huang.

As odd as it is, it’s a lot cooler than this Kobe statue in China.


Check out more cool art from the exhibit below. Vince Chang and the other people behind the show have been doing a terrific job.

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