Kobe Bryant’s Top 10 Plays from every season (1996-2016)

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Kobe Bryant



In honor of Kobe Bryant’s birthday today and the City of Los Angeles declaring August 24th (Kobe’s jersey numbers 8 & 24) “Kobe Bryant Day,” here’s the Top 10 Plays of his 20 year career in the NBA.

Think about that: 20 Top 10s and if you asked a Kobe fan to name their favorite 10 plays, there’s a good chance they will come up with dunks, passes, moves and game-winners that didn’t make the cut in these countdowns.

The other great thing about looking back at these countdowns from his #8 days is to be reminded that Kobe is not only one of the most underrated dunkers of all-time but he’s one of the best! Top 10? He’s Top 5 in my books.






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