Kobe Wants To Remind You How Great the 2001 Champion Lakers Were

Came across this and just had to post it. #DominantDuo #2alphas #23yrsYoung #lakers #shaq #mamba

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As the world praises the 2015 NBA Champions and some overrate them by calling them one of the best teams ever, Kobe Bryant posted a reminder about how good his 2001 Lakers were.  The image he “came across” and posted shows him and Shaq celebrating their 2nd of 3 championships in a row after going 15-1 during the postseason.  The 1 single loss came during Game 1 of the Finals which is mostly known for Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue.

My favorite memory of that Laker team winning the championship is Mark Madsen and the parade.