Kobe’s 3 amazing clutch 3 pointers and OT dunk vs the Raptors | Pavlov’s Dogs vs Lakers’ Kobe

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Kobe Bryant

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If you aren’t familiar with Ivan Pavlov’s doggie experiment and the birth of classical conditioning I’ll explain the cause effect relationship using the greatness of Kobe Bryant.  Pavlov’s dogs learned over time that the ringing of a bell meant they were going to be fed so every time they heard the bell they would automatically start salivating.

In the NBA, we have learned over time that you can never ever underestimate Kobe Bryant and when it’s clutch time and the buzzer is about to go off we will automatically believe that Kobe will make the shot and/or hit a game winner.  It doesn’t matter what he did before that moment, how old Kobe is or how injured he is.  We see a shot clock winding down, Kobe thinks game winner, we think game winner, defender thinks game winner unless he’s in denial.



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