Kris Humphries’ week just keeps getting worse thanks to Steph Curry’s game winner

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Steph Curry

Kris Humphries has been an easy target for jokes ever since the glory days when Paparrazi were following the trio of him, Kim Kardashian and Kim’s booty on beaches.

No longer with Kim K and no longer “on the team,” Kris has been having a tough time in limited minutes in Boston this season highlighted by an appearance on Shaqtin a Fool with Kris almost attempting a shot on his own basket.

Then on Wednesday, Kris finally broke the 30 minute mark but fouled out attempting to guard his doppelganger Blake Griffin who threw down one of the best dunks of the year on him.

Then last night against Golden State, for 47 minutes, Humphries was having a pretty good game. 16 points 14 rebounds and 3 blocks in a season high 36 minutes, but with a few seconds left on the clock, Kris ended up on Stephen Curry and what happened next is exactly what Kanye and Kim K would have wanted.

Hopefully Humphries second week of 2014 will be better than his first week.

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