Kristaps Porzingis aka King Putback With Anotha One! Goatzingis Putback Compilation

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Kristaps Porziņģis

If Kristaps Porzingis keeps this up we are going to have to call him King Putback.

During the 2nd quarter of Tuesday night’s game against the Raptors, Kristaps caught one of Melo’s 13 missed shots, took flight over 3 Raptors and dunked to the delight of his teammates.

His teammates also got to celebrate a W but unfortunately Kristaps had a pretty mediocre stat line with just 8 points (3-11 shooting) and 6 boards which caused me and other daily fantasy sports players to cry a little.  Oh well.

As for exaggerated nicknames, King Putback is cool but I still like Goatzingis!