Kwame Alexander Mixtape | Best Dunks of 2014…so far!

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Kwame Brown

Between Biggie and Kwame Brown, they have made the name Kwame synonymous with negative things. But 24  year old Kwame Alexander is trying to change that (although rapper Kwame has been producing a lot of great music over the past decade under the name K-1 Million).

If you are in LA or follow Ballislife, then you should be familiar with Kwame’s above the rim game.  For the past couple of years, he’s been winning dunk contestspostersizing defenders with the Court Kingz, dominating at the Drew League or just does something ridiculous like touching 12’6 at a VBL event. And now he’s taking his game overseas where I expect to see some great international dunks coming soon.

In the meantime, let’s check out Dunkademics‘ Best of Kwame in 2014 mixtape and this nice feature from the Drew League called “Drew League Stories.”


Of course, we couldn’t go through a post about Kwame and not show our 2012 viral video of him that landed him at the #1 spot on ESPN Sportscenters’ Top 10.


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