Kwame Alexander posterizes 2 defenders during Court Kingz game

The Hit Man, Space Jam, The Warrior. Kwame Alexander has a lot of nicknames and I’m not sure any of them really do him, his hops and criminally nasty dunks justice.

Kwame made his Ballislife debut back in 2012 with his “Superman” dunk from near the free throw line” and has made plenty of appearance since as a member of The Game’s Money Gang or by doing impressive things like touching over 12’6 at the VBL To The Top Contest (take that Wiggins).

kwame (1)

He’s currently touring with the streetball crew Court Kingz and from the looks of the video above, I have a feeling we will be talking about Kwame aka Space Jam aka The Hitman aka The Warrior aka A Ballislife Favorite a lot this summer.



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