Kwame “Space Jam” Alexander reaches over 12’6 at VBL To The Top Contest

With a nickname like SpaceJam you better be able to fly or know every bit of trivia about the 90’s MJ film like Jay-Z was the ghostwriter for Bugs Bunny’s raps.

For Kwame Alexander, besides being the first person to make the name Kwame cool (Note: I’m a big fan of Kwame and his f****n polka dots and you probably don’t know that Kwame has been a very successful producer for the past decade), he earned the nickname SpaceJam because he can fly and he’s been showing off his dunks all summer with The Game’s Money Gang at the Drew League and by winning the LA Sprite Showdown.  He also had a nasty 1 hand alley-oop dunk at the Nike Tournament of Champions last week.

This past weekend, Kwame’s lift-off skills were on full display at the Venice Beach League To The Top Contest as he touched a 12’6 mark multiple times.

Shout out to Dunkademics for the vid.

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