Kyle Anderson Slow But Effective, 25 points & 8 rebounds vs the Nets

His nickname isn’t Slow Mo because he’s a favorite of the Phantom camera.

“That’s just a nickname really,” Kyle Anderson said. “I don’t play that way on purpose. I guess it’s deceptive.

“There’s not a rule you have to play fast.”

21 year old Kyle Anderson might not be the quickest guy on the court, or on a team…or even quicker than teammates old man Duncan and big boned Boris but he’s been effective in the Summer League.  The 3rd leading scorer of the league put up 25 points (10-22 fg) and grabbed 8 boards vs the Nets on Thursday. He also hit a pair of clutch free throws in the final minute to help the Spurs come away with a 3 point win.

Although the Spurs got deeper at the forward spot with the additions of LaMarcus Aldridge and David West, I’m still betting on seeing the 2nd year Spur play a bigger role with the championship contenders – slowly but surely.

“For me, it’s being in an athletic stance. Actually being athletic is the problem with me. I think most guys struggle with where to be. I think I know where to be, it’s just a matter of doing it.”