Kyle Korver wants his $100 from Elton Brand, makes 2nd dunk this week

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Air Korver wants his $100.

Kyle Korver went 189 games and almost 3  years without a dunk but on Wednesday he threw one down against the Pacers.  Last night, just 2 days after the historic dunk, Korver threw down another one – this time with 2 hands!  What makes the dunk even more unique is that he only made 1 other shot in the Hawks win over the Thunder meaning for the first time in Korver’s career he can say half of his field goals in a game were dunks – the other field goal was a 3-pointer.

Now hopefully cheapskate Elton Brand will finally pay up his bet. Korver had a $100 (seriously just $100) bet that he would make a dunk before Brand made a 3-pointer. Brand said he’s not going to pay because he didn’t agree to the bet.

“That was a joke,” Brand said to the AJC. “I don’t really bet but he did it. He’s not going to get any money for that fingertip dunk. No way he’s not getting any money for a fingertip dunk.”

Pay up Brand. Joke or not, you have been playing since 1999 and the  76ers were giving you up to 17 million a year!