Kyle Lowry scores playoff career high 36 & breaks Deron Williams’ ankles

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Kyle Lowry Deron Williams

Kyle Lowry hits Deron Williams with a behind the back crossover move and then scores 2 of his playoff career-high 36 in the Raptors win over the Nets.

The 36 gives Lowry an average of 5 more points than Williams in the series.

“He was definitely carrying them in the first half,” Deron Williams said. “He’s just tough to guard when he gets like that. He’s got a lot of confidence right now.”

Although the Raptors only won by 2, they had a 22 point lead going into 4th. If the Nets would have won, it would have been the biggest 4th quarter playoff comeback of all-time.  Thankfully, the Raptors had this guy to save them.


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