Kyle Lowry Punches A Chair and Then Stares It Down

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Kyle Lowry Tony Parker Matt Barnes

We had a lot of physical activity and tempers flaring on Sunday. Kelly Olynyk dislocated Kevin Love’s shoulder. Jae Crowder took multiple hits from multiple Cavs. Matt Barnes elbowed Tony Parker and Kyle Lowry….well, he punched a chair and gave it a stare afterwards to make sure that playoff chair knew not to mess with him the next time they see each other – which will be a year from now.

Maybe this fighting inanimate objects thing is a Houston thing. This video clip of Houston dunker Sir Issac winning the Rockets Blacktop Contest still cracks me up. Not the dunks, but Issac putting the trophy on the court, staring it down and then acting like he was going to punch it (1:08 in the following video).

And that leads me to a Ballup streetball game from a couple of years ago that Issac played in and Kyle Lowry coached. Lowry got so frustrated with Issac’s wild above the rim game that at one point he started to scream at Issac and looked like he wanted to treat the dunk phenom like that chair from yesterday.