Kyle Lowry Snatches Bottle & Scares The **** Out Of The Waterboy

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Kyle Lowry Roy Hibbert

Giving a water bottle to a pumped up NBA player can be as frightening as feeding a wild animal. Just ask this waterboy for the Raptors after Kyle Lowry hit a 3 and then snatched a bottle out of his hands. Thankfully, the waterboy’s reflexes allowed him to let go and he was wise enough to listen to momma and wear gloves.

You can also ask this former Pacers’ employee, who felt the roar of Roy Hibbert when he tried to offer the pissed off center some H2O.

Back to the beast that is Kyle Lowry. he also tore up the Celtics defense with 32 points, 5 3-pointers, 5 assists, 2 steals and even a block.

And once he saw the video getting a lot of attention on social media, Lowry posted this funny apology on Twitter.