Kyrie Irving Beats LeBron In The Water Bottle Flip Challenge During Knicks Blowout

So it’s funny and cool when LeBron James and Kyrie Irving do the water bottle flip challenge during the end of the Cavs and Knicks game but it was an embarrassment when Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith were slap boxing on the sidelines in the final seconds of game? Well, yeah! Reason being, All-Stars LeBron and Kyrie were having fun at the end of a 32-point blowout against the Knicks; Lance and Josh were DNPs and their team was 10 seconds away from losing to Smith’s former Rockets team.

As for that water bottle flip challenge, which was much more of a challenge for the Cavs than the Knicks, neither LeBron or Kyrie were able to “cap it” during the video above but Kyrie eventually got lucky and had this to say about it afterwards.

“If you land it you’re like a legend…I was trying to put my mark on the Water Bottle Challenge.”