Kyrie Irving Gets Emotional After Finding Out His Father Saved All Of His Trophies

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Kyrie Irving

Damn! Kyrie Irving made me cry three times this week. The first time was tears of joy as he put on a basketball clinic in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The second time was tears of sadness after watching the Warriors win the championship and Kyrie telling LeBron in the tunnel, “we’ll be back.” The third eye-sweating moment came at the 18:45-minute mark of the latest episode of “My Houzz,” when Kyrie Irving started crying at the sight of all of his basketball accomplishments in his father’s remodeled home in New Jersey.

“Dad, I didn’t know you were keeping all this, everything in here.” Said an emotional Irving while looking at the trophy room his sister designed.

“My dad gave up his dream for my sister’s dreams and my dreams. He knew that from the beginning. It’s incredible to see that he as every single trophy.

This actually really means a lot. Just a lot of memories shared with not only my sister but with my dad and for Asia to design this room and bring this to life, it’s awesome.”

Since we are talking about Kyrie Irving and his father, here’s an equally awesome throwback video from 2015 of Irving answering a question about LeBron playing a “parental role” to him.