Kyrie Irving “I hate Cinematic Dunks” Footlocker commercial | Cinematic dunks by Kobe, MJ & LeBron

This new great commercial from Footlocker featuring Kyrie Irving is called “Week of Greatness” but I think the better title is “I hate Cinematic dunks.”.

Kyrie goes for a free throw line dunk John Woo style (w/out the doves) and gets bored on the way to the rim.   He’s not a household name for even casual sports fans yet but with great ads like this, the Uncle Drew series,  appearances on Disney shows like “Kickin It,” one-on-one challenges to Kobe Bryant and career high games like he had last night, it’s only a matter of time until this young blood is known with everybody at the dinner table.

If you like “cinematic dunks” here’s a couple for you.



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