Kyrie Irving Shoves Justin Anderson Out Of Bounds For Knocking Down LeBron

Early in the first quarter of the Cavs WIN(!) against the 76ers on Friday, everyone’s favorite uncle picked up the first flagrant foul of his career when he shoved Justin Anderson out of bounds in response to Anderson giving LeBron a shove  in the back.

“Whether it was malicious or not … I kinda saw Justin kinda lower his shoulder and knock down Bron,” Irving said via ESPN. “I was like … I gotta do something, I’ve got to protect my brother. A lot of late hits on Bron, a lot of guys trying to get one over on him. It’s over for that, it’s over for that.”

Here’s what Irving’s brother had to say about the shove.

“He was protecting me from getting shoved.” Said James, “It’s about it being a brotherhood around here and not letting anything happen to each other,” James said. “On the court, our chemistry took a hit. Our camaraderie didn’t. At the end of the day, we have to fix it and we’re here to fix it. This is what we have and we know that, so as we continue to get our guys healthy and we continue to get into the flow of things, we’ll figure it out.”

Irving finished the game with 24 points on 11 for 16 shooting and nine assists. He also made sure the 76ers knew what the score was when they celebrated after a dunk.

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