Kyrie Irving vs Stephen Curry in OT Thriller

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Kyrie Irving Steph Curry Mark Jackson

If you watched the last 20 seconds of overtime and saw Steph Curry hit a jumper with 13.5 on the clock and then heard he almost had a triple double with 29 points 11 assists and 9 rebounds, you would probably think Curry had a perfect game.  What the aftermath doesn’t show you is Curry was cold as ice in the 2nd half and most of OT and missed 10 of his 11 shots including an “easy” 8 footer at the end of regulation.

“It was my best look,” Curry said. “I just missed it.”

But when you are one of the best shooters of all-time and one of the most clutch in the league, your coach and teammates aren’t going to tell you stop shooting.

“Thank God for the green light,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “He’s a guy we believe in. We’re not going to tell him to stop shooting.”

The final two points for Curry also gave him 2 more points than the Cavs Kyrie Irving who dished out 9 assists and scored 27 including the shot that put the game into OT.

The match up between the two electrifying point guards is and will remain one of the most exciting duels in the NBA for years to come.





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