Kyrie Irving with the Penny Hardaway-like rebound & mid-air assist

I like to take advantage of every opportunity I get to bring up Penny Hardaway’s name and post some of his clips and Kyrie Irving gave me one last night. During a first quarter beat-down on the Pacers, Irving grabbed a rebound and made a fantastic mid-air outlet pass to Shawn Marion. As you can guess, this reminded me of something Penny Hardaway was great at doing.

Irving finished the game with 24 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks and whenever I see a point guard get 20 points, rebounds, a few blocks and not get 10 assists, it also reminds me of that same person.

Speaking of that person, here’s a Facebook post by ex NBA player and dunk contest standout Terence Stansbury yesterday about Penny.

The truth about Penny Hardaway! The most complete player I have ever seen not named jordan. Period. Can KILL you in all facets of the game. Stats did not do Penny’s game any justice. Injuries were the only thing stopping him. When GP, JKidd, John Stockton, Tim Hardaway and Kevin Johnson were in there primes, who was 1st team all NBA? Penny

Check out the passes at 0:54, 1:21, 1:54 & 2:09

Back to our favorite Uncle.  Here’s his full highlights.