Kyrie Irving - Workout & Practice Mix

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Kyrie Irving

Today's Morning Motivation comes from everyone's favorite Uncle, Kyrie Irving.

I have a personal story about his work ethic. After a Team USA exhibition game in 2016, Irving stayed on the court, shooting jumpers for over an hour after the game, while his teammates were doing postgame interviews and heading back to the team hotel.

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After his personal shoot around, he went to the locker room and spent another hour stretching, getting massaged, etc. And while me and the one security guard left in the building stood outside waiting for him, I was thinking, "Damn, what does this guy do to prepare for an important game (like a rematch with Steph Curry in the NBA Finals)?"

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As we wait for the NBA Finals, here's a few more videos of Irving working out that will hopefully give you some motivation today.