Kyrie Irving’s Face Swapping App Is A lot Cooler Than Pokemon Go

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Kyrie Irving

Forget Pokemon Go, this would be the most downloaded app of all-time. Who wouldn’t want to know how it feels to have the ankle-breaking ability to embarrass elite NBA defenders and 2 x MVPs?

In a press release for the funny new commercial from Foot Locker, the company’s GM said, “Kyrie is such a great role model for so many kids across the country, both on and off the court.”

I can back that up with a story from my encounter with Irving after Team USA’s game against Nigeria on Monday. My two daughters – age 8 and 11 – are huge Kyrie Irving fans even though they have never seen him play a single game. What they have seen are these Footlocker ads, his Uncle Drew ads, viral vids of him doing the running man dance, him on the cover of Cocoa Pebbles cereal and his appearance on the Disney show “Kickin It.” I told Irving this – after he just spent 2 hours shooting around after the game, talking with fans and signing autographs for kids – and he was kind enough to do a shout-out video for my kids.  It’s safe to say Irving has three fans for life in my household (my wife couldn’t give a $#it about him or any player in the NBA).