LA Clippers pregrame dunk contests / Ranking the Clips 1-13


No gimmicks, no props, just a show of sick hops.  That’s the best way to explain the pre game dunk contests that sometimes bust out during the LA Clippers lay up lines.

LACTV talked to a few of the Clips about the pre game dunk contests over a montage of dunks that I would much rather see in the NBA dunk contest than a dunk that involves a 10 minute setup and glow in the dark lights.

If the Clips did have a dunk contest, here’s my prediction on where they finish.

  1. Blake
  2. DJ
  3. Bledsoe
  4. Ryan Hollins
  5. Jamal Crawford
  6. Matt Barnes
  7. Willie Green
  8. Chris Paul
  9. Caron Butler
  10. Turiaf
  11. Grant Hill
  12. Lamar Odom
  13. Billups

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